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What a term, "Dreamer".  It typically gives off a negative vibe, but why?  It is someone with their "head in the clouds", someone not taking life seriously.  Really?  My take on a Dreamer, especially revolving around my real estate career, shows professionals who have thought way outside the box.  In that place beyond the masses you will find a group of real estate agents and clients who were successful because of a dream or not having fear to cross over from reality to be a Dreamer.  So here goes, hold on, because this Dreamer drives crazy!

Growing up on a small horse farm in Illinois wasn't glamorous but it was very comfortable.  I came from two very hard working parents, who like most, wanted better for their child. Did I mention "only" child and being a daughter?  I cannot remember ever really wanting for anything but my expectations, according to my mother, were never materialistic.  Most girls wanted designer jeans, I wanted a $1,000 silver studded saddle.  But, I digress... So, this term Dreamer I have heard it used to describe me as long as I can remember.

            "She gets good grades but wow, what a dreamer"

            "Tobi, those horses are not going to feed themselves.  Stop daydreaming"

             And my Mom's favorite (if I had a dollar for every time she said this I would own all the properties I sell)...

             "Whatcha dreamin' about?"

 Well...EVERYTHING!  I dreamed about everything...meeting the perfect man (I did), have beautiful kids (2 of them...check) finding the perfect career (did that too), living on a beach somewhere because at the time the thought of seeing corn fields for the rest of my life was a nightmare (and well, just did that too).  Those are just a scratch of the dreams, some have not yet been realized, notice I said "YET"!  College, haven’t finished that yet.  See India, not yet.  Still dreaming...that's the beauty of Dreamers, we are NEVER done.  Until the day we die there is never a time when we are finished because when one dream is realized we have 387 more waiting in the wings.

 What would this world be without dreamers?  There would be no technology, no cures, no charities, no fortunes, nothing to aim for. 

             "Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember, you have within you the               strength, patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and to change the world."

            ~Harriet Tubman

 So what does this have to do with real estate? 

Simple, EVERYTHING!  We all need to "be" somewhere.  This requires a place to live, to exist.  Where is that for you?  The big city?  In the mountains?  On the prairie? Or my personal favorite, On the Beach?  Well what are you waiting for?  Time isn't stopping, not for me, not for you, not for anyone.  Is it scary to make a drastic life change? Not only Yes but, Hell Yes!  We dreamed of Alabama, awake and asleep, flat out dreamed!  We made a plan, we executed it, and BAM! here we are in BAMA!!!  Sounds easy, well it is.  And by easy I don't mean it will just happen because you wish it to.  I mean if something is important enough dreamers will make it happen...

 Real Estate example...

 As a young agent there was a successful investor in our small rural area.  I remember hearing "if you get him, you've done something".  So...insert dreaming...which actually became stalking!  I started writing him letters, literally every week.  I did this for about 6 months full well knowing that the first 10 went in the trash...then the next 10 probably scared him.  Knowing most entrepreneurs are also dreamers I banked that the next 10 intrigued him to meet the crazy real estate agent!  Guess what, I was right...well sorta!  One day here I stood with him at a listing, not representing him, and he said "There is an agent from your agency that sends me letters, constantly!"  Not much else to do so I replied, "Yes sir, that is me."  We both laughed and went on to work together for almost 10 years.  I assisted his company with the purchase of approximately 50 homes from that point.  So there is your example as a professional.

As a "Dream Maker" for clients, well there are just too many stories to even tell.  I have been there, I pray as comfort, to help when selling the family home for empty nesters.  I have been there for what was probably my favorite, the first home.  Young couples, one usually "dreaming" where a 65" TV will go for football nights and one "dreaming" which room will be the baby's.  I have been through the estate which show the full circle when the children sit at a kitchen table and "dream" back to "remember this with mom" or "remember when dad got mad because we broke this"...those are hard but I always felt extremely honored that I was chosen for those moments. Now a whole new excitement when a client says "We want a place on the beach to share with our family and friends, this has always been OUR dream!"  WOW!  Right then and there it hits me, God gave me my path to be with like souls!  To be with the others, the "Dreamers"!!!

 So here you go, I opened the door, you have to walk in.  What is your dream?  Mine?  Well mine is to get you to yours!

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