If you are considering selling your beach condo, please consider our marketing plan. My team understands how to present your condo in today’s online marketplace. Below are a few of the components that may make our listing plan different.

  • Video: Today’s buyers normally start their shopping online. Our true video production of your condo will give prospective buyers a true look at what your condo looks like. This allows them to engage with a Realtor and begin the buying process sooner.
  • Detailed information: Our Seller’s Disclosure form ensures that all of the details are shared up front. The better job we can do presenting the details on your condo and the complex the better job my team can do presenting it to possible buyers.
  • Dedicated Websites: When we list your condo for sale we will create a dedicated website for your unit! This allows us to provide you and other Realtors a dedicated landing page to interact with us and have an opportunity to get emotionally attached to your condo.
  • Communication (Early and Often): Simply put, my team is held to a higher standard. We believe that sellers like information (right?). So when you agree to have my team represent you in the sell of your condo we believe all information should be shared as it comes in. Our Seller’s Updates system will help notify you as things change in the condo market as well as when we have positive or negative feedback regarding your condo.

Think about our high value marketing plan this way. Are you more likely to watch a movie if you have seen a high production commercial and know the details of the movie instead of just a black and white ad? These are four of several topics we can discuss when you are ready to buy a condo.