So you found our site and you are considering buying or selling a beach condo. Hopefully you have had a chance to interact with our website and you have became comfortable using it. But just in case you're still  asking yourself “so what’s the big deal with Kaiser Real Estate Sales?” Fair enough...and thank you for asking!

At any given time there are over 1,000 condos for sale in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach areas. These condos range from over 4 million dollars to as low as, well, less than one hundred thousand dollars. There are obviously many differences in these condos. It is important that you find an agent to represent you during the buying or selling process. These differences in condos must be uncovered and an understanding of how they affect the values must be understood. This is where we come in.

We live in Gulf Shores and enjoy what we do! We treat our business as a business and help clients full time with their real estate needs. Our mid-size independent real estate company allows us to dedicate the resources needed to be responsive, while giving you the personal attention you deserve.

We are here to help you accomplish your real estate goals!

Buying a condo in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores is very different than buying a single family home. Below are just a few topics we will discuss during the process of helping you purchase a condo.

  • Values: Property values are often based on comparable sales. This becomes a little easier with a condo, because there are typically very similar units within the building that can be used to base values on. Although this can make valuing a condo easier, it can also have a negative impact with lenders. For example, if three units recently sold at auction then it may be difficult for the lender to put a true market value on the next three that sale under a non distressed sale. When working with a buyer we always seek the entire picture in order to help prepare the right offer on a Gulf Shores or Orange Beach condo.
  • Association Financials: When you are buying a condo, you are not only buying your part of the complex, but you are also “partnering” with other owners of the building. By this I mean you are sharing in the success and the failure of the complex’s financials. I cannot stress enough, the importance of understanding the condo associations past, current and future plans. Imagine finding out after the purchase that their is a $15,000 owner’s assessment coming up, due to lack of maintenance to the building.
  • Amenities: We always need to understand what amenities a complex has and if there are any projected changes to the usage or condition of the shared amenities.
  • Let’s Look Inside: Prior to your physical tour we will gladly visit a condo and even send you a video. This is great for our out of town investors who may not want to walk through their investment. As your Buyer’s Agent we can schedule a showing and send you a video with our thoughts and comments.

These are four of several topics we can discuss when you are ready to buy a condo.