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The air is crisp in autumn. Daylight dwindles. Colors fade into soft shades of earth. Animals gather and store food. Southerners unpack chili recipes, sweaters and boots. Even without the calendar’s glaring reminder, the change of season is evident, and it signals an inexplicable inclination to prepare for colder months. But as October and the desire to roost set in, one creature in particular is busier than ever to get out. 

By the time cooler temperatures kiss the Gulf, the Eastern monarch butterfly is already halfway through its 2,500-mile journey, headed to a place it has never seen before. It’s this instinctual migration, from as far north as Canada to the isolated mountaintops of Mexico and back, that makes it one of the most studied…

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There’s no holiday that’s more quintessentially American than Thanksgiving. Learn how it has evolved from its religious roots as Spanish and English days of feasting and prayer to become the football-watching, parade-marching, gut-stuffing event it is today.

1541: Spanish Explorers Hold a Feast

English settlers weren’t the first to celebrate a thanksgiving feast on American soil. According to the Texas Society Daughters of the American Colonists, the very first thanksgiving was observed by Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. Accompanied by 1,500 men in full armor, Coronado left Mexico City in 1540 and marched north in search of gold. As the company camped in Palo Duro Canyon in 1541, Padre Fray Juan de Padilla called for a feast of…

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The 12 Most Bone-Chilling & Haunted Places in Alabama


Haunted places in Alabama open a doorway to a harrowing unknown — unexplained mysteries, terrifying ghostly encounters and paranormal entities clinging to their former lives. These apparitions lurk unseen, laying a dark, perturbing blanket over the atmosphere, heavy enough to keep you up all night. Some of us spend the month of October searching for this bone-chilling thrill, while others play it safe and just trick-or-treat. But, for those brave souls who celebrate Halloween seeking terror-filled, hair-raising scares, we bring you a few of the most haunted spots in Alabama. These are not for the faint of heart. Read on, if you dare …

12 of Alabama’s Most Haunted Places

1. Sloss…

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If These Walls Could Talk | 5 Historic Homes


In storied locations from Sag Harbor to Sonoma, these irreplaceable homes offer the opportunity to own a personal piece of American history.


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ROBERTSDALE, Ala. –As tourism season slowed and hurricane season began, the blazing hot housing market cooled in overall transactions for September 2020. Baldwin REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service (MLS) reports a year-over-year decrease in the total number of properties sold for the Resort area from 185 in September of 2019 to this year’s 143. Additionally, the Traditional Residential area of the county saw a slight increase of 2% as it rose from 424 total closed sales in September 2019 to 433 in 2020. The addition of new listings across the entire county also decreased in comparison with September 2019. This past month gained 575 new listings, where September of 2019 saw 727.

Even with the decrease in overall transactions, the Resort area of…

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Alabama may have celebrated its 200th birthday in 2019, but people have been calling the rolling tides of the Gulf Coast home for a whole lot longer.

Gulf State Park opened in 1939, but it took a little longer before the neighbors made it official. The two cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach that bookend the park are much younger. The City of Gulf Shores incorporated as the Town of Gulf Shores in 1956, while the City of Orange Beach incorporated as recently as 1984. But don’t let this apparent youth fool you, these communities have existed for many generations.

Baldwin County where the two communities and the park are located is older still. It’s the largest county in Alabama and was created by the Mississippi Territorial…

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A unique community of its kind on the Alabama Gulf Coast, Beach Village Resort introduces single-family residences in a multi- phase development. Residents and guests will enjoy a resort- style zero entry, heated and cooled salt water pool with lazy river and slide. Bring your own bike or enjoy our bike share program with community access to the Hugh S. Branyon back country trail system and elevated nature boardwalks. Beach Village Resort also offers deeded beach access with signaled crosswalk. Spread out among 67 individual privately owned lots, the residences of Beach Village reflect the coastal architectural influences of the iconic beach homes sprinkled along the Gulf Coast.


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(OBA®) – If there is one thing from the history of Orange Beach that people can point to today as a key to how this area developed, it’s Perdido Pass.

  A pass from Perdido Bay to the Gulf of Mexico has always been vital to the fishing business in Orange Beach. But its first location was close to where the Flora-Bama Lounge and Package Store is today.   According to “Orange Beach, Alabama, the Best Place to Be” by Margaret Childress Long and Michael D. Shipler, that first pass dates back to at least the 1830s. When Pleasure and Ono Islands were still part of the mainland. Book outlets.   “It was Point Ornocor, a peninsula extending from what is now Alabama Point, that is until the 1906 hurricane,” the pair wrote in the book. It…
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